Plastic Drum Supplier in Qatar

Plastic Drum Open Top Barrel

Blue Barrel Drums 220 Litre

Plastic Drum Open Top Barrel
blue drum supplier
Material : HDPE
Color : Blue
Capacity 220 Litre / 55 Gallon
Height : 93cm with cover
Diameter : 58.5 cm
Inner Diameter : 47.5cm

Weight : 9.5Kg


An open-head plastic drum is also known as an open top plastic drum. For these open top drums, the top lid can be completely removed. Open top plastic drum can be left open-topped (with no lid), or sealed with a secure lid and fastenings for transport or storage purposes. The container will be filled, and emptied, from the top portion by removing the lid. Open top plastic drums are durable, resilient, and strong enough to hold hazardous waste. 

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