Category : Storage Container

Item : IBC Tank for Liquid Storage

Capacity : 1000 Litres

Color : White

Dimension : 120cm x 1000 x 115cm

Other Specs : Protected by Metal Frame , Corner Protected, Guard Plate, Base plate, opening in top and bottom as per standards

The steel cages protecting the inner tank are so robust you can easily stack two fully loaded IBCs on top of each other.  Practically, our IBCs come in a uniform mold and are all pretty much identical except for the pallets.

 Some customers, due to certain application requirements, request us to supply IBCs with wooden, plastic or even composite steel pallets. Therefore, we offer these three types of pallets and we keep regular stock of each type. The difference in pallets only reflects a fractional difference in the cost.

ibc tank low view
ibc tank
ibc tank aerial view

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