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Nylon rope has excellent fracture resistance among regular synthetic fiber ropes and widely for mooring and tail rope of large ships because it has satisfactory fracture resistance, energy absorption because of its stretching properties, good for shock intensity and has good restoration ability even after being used many times.

But when the rope absorbs moisture, caution is necessary because of contraction, It can become, hard to handle by becoming ripened and fracture resistance becomes about 15% lower than in dry conditions.

Explore our vast selection of rope for sale, and place your order with us today. Our products are popular across a wide array of industrial sectors. Our broad client list includes both large and small businesses, as well as individuals.

nylon rope supplier
nylon rope supplier

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Uses of Nylon Rope

  •  Dock Mooring
  •  Tails
  •  Tow-line
  •  Sea-Anchor
  •  Mooring, Haswer
  •  Single Point Mooring
  •  Tug-line
  •  Various Fishing Industries

Sizes & Measurement

2mm x 100 yard 

3mm x 100 yard

4mm x 100 yard

5mm x 100 yard

6mm x 100 yard

7mm x 100 yard

8mm x 100 yard

9mm x 100 yard

10mm x 100 yard

12mm x 100 yard

14mm x 100 yard

16mm x 100 yard

18mm x 100 yard

20mm x 100 yard

24mm x 100 yard

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