Garbage Bin Supplier in Qatar

Garbage Bin 120 Litre

Garbage Bin 240 Litre

Garbage Bin 360 Litre

Material : HDPE 

Model Type : Side Pedal  and Center Pedal

Capacity : 120 Litre, 240 Litre, 360 Litre, 600 Litre

Size : Height 90cm

Supplier  of Garbage Bin / Waste Bin Containers

Available Colors : Green , Yellow

Delivery Location  inside Doha Qatar


Dust Bin with Pedal - Grey Color

plastic dustbin with pedal
30 Litre Capacity - 39cm Height
dust bin with pedal grey
60 Litre Capacity - 62cm Height
plastic dustbin grey with pedal
87 Litre Capacity - 78cm Height

Dust Bin - Swing Type (Home & Office)

plastic swing bin beige
15 Litre Capacity
plastic trash bin swing type
16 Litre Capacity
plastic waste bin swing type
25 Litre Capacity

Waste Basket - Plastic & Metal Type

waste paper basket
metal net basket
waste paper basket plastic

Steel Dust Bin with Pedal - Special Purpose

metal waste bin pedal type
steel pedal bin
steel pedal bin round

Column Ash Tray

steel column ashtray bin


Sizes Available : 

22 Diameter x 60cm Height

26 Diameter x 60cm Height

Made in Turkey

Attractive column ashtray that combines the ashtray and waste collector.  Equipped with two separate, individually removable inserts

Garbage Bin 1100 Litre with wheel

garbage bin 1100 litre green
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Garbage Bin Blue Dome Type 1100 Litre

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